Thursday, May 18, 2006

Using as a Recruiting Tool

Outside-the-Box Recruiting

Great article on some of the newest tools for students to connect with each other and, therefore, for employers to connect with students. A word of caution though: students view their entries in FaceBook and MySpace as being personal. Employers who troll these sites for background checking purposes or even for recruitment purposes may run afoul of the terms of service for these sites and also risk the very public wrath of a very well connected generation. My advise: don't use these sites for negative purposes such as background checks and if you're representing the military or other such controversial employer, be careful. In fact, be very careful. Connecting with students who have posted their resumes on-line at job boards or non-password protected sites is one thing. Connecting with students who have posted their profile at social networking sites is risky at best.


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