Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CTC Search [Excel Search]

Just like that names:

Getting names from the deep web isn't that difficult. Here is another strategy that could come handy when you feel a bit bored with yours.

Let us consider that we need to identify "Quality Managers". You would have already worked on a search for months together and may even start thinking that you are running out of names or the search has reached saturation. Try this method in your search and see the difference that it brings ...

We call this searh as CTC [Candidate Tracking Chart] search OR Excel /XLS search
1. Gather all the alternate titles for the search. The more you have the alternate titles the more will be your results.
[here in this example I use the keys "quality manager" and "quality controller"]
2. Let us assume that we need candidates from California area
3. Formulate a keyword like this: [Note the special search operators like filetype:XLS]
("Quality manager" OR "quality controller") +(California OR CA) +(name OR phone OR mail OR contat OR zip OR address) filetype:xls
4. Use the above keywords in various searchengines. Your search will yield only MS Excel file search results that normally will range from 4 results to 900 results.
5. If you still see unnecessary files piled up on the results page you may wish to add the following keywords to filter your search:
+(attendees OR participants OR registrants OR members OR list OR directory OR "source book")
[these keywords are most powerful when used with the "inurl:" and "intitle:" operators]

Wish you all success.


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